Sedona and the Verde Valley is a land of unique experiences — from red rocks and ancient tribal dwellings, to world-class artists, a thriving wine industry and five-star restaurants and resorts. And to preserve its creative history and support its place as an art destination for visitors from around the world, Sedona has need for an extraordinary fine arts museum. 

 Why an art museum in Sedona? It exposes our community to thought-provoking international art, it provides education through docent-led museum tours, hands-on workshops and children’s programs, and it contributes to the local economy. Located in the heart of Sedona and the Verde Valley, the Fine Art Museum Of Sedona will be easily accessible to Sedona and Verde Valley residents, and tourists alike. The presence of a fine arts museum will benefit all of the community, from students and teachers, to young families and seniors, across socio-economic backgrounds. 

 Since discussions about developing a museum began in 2012, the Fine Art Museum Of Sedona has been dedicated to strengthening community engagement, and committed to cultivating a museum experience that can provide a cultural anchor for residents and visitors alike.