How You Can Help

 Lend a helping hand.

The Fine Art Museum Of Sedona is always looking for art-loving people who wish to share their time, energy, and talents. Volunteer contributions are vital to our success. Becoming a part of the arts provides valuable opportunities to connect with our creative heritage and support the arts within our community.

To find out about how you can volunteer for the Fine Art Museum Of Sedona, email


You can make a difference.

By investing in the Fine Art Museum Of Sedona, you are deeply connecting with our region’s rich artistic heritage. Your support ensures the continuation of this vibrant artistic tradition helping to connect art with life.

Every art museum relies on the support of those who truly appreciate art. Your gift to the Fine Art Museum Of Sedona, no matter the amount, is a gift to our community and those who visit this beautiful and inspiring place.

For more information or questions about donations, please email

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