Mary Byrd, Chair, Board of Trustees

Mary Byrd was raised in the Midwest and has been a full-time resident of Sedona since 2012.  She has a lifelong passion for the arts.  “Over the years I have come to appreciate the creative genius and the amount of labor that goes into the creation of works of art.  I am a collector and have taken various art courses over the years.  I feel art speaks to the heart.  It can beautify and it can educate.  It can bring communities together.”

Mary was educated in the medical field.  She has a degree in public administration and has published a children’s book and been president of a nonprofit board in Florida.  Much of her volunteer time was spent with arts and architecture organizations in various parts of the country.  One of her favorite volunteer jobs was as a docent with the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  An intensive 6 month study program was required to join the docents who gave tours of the art and architecture of Chicago.

Since joining the board of the FAMoS Board of Trustees in 2015, she has immersed herself in learning all about the art museum world.  She attended the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting in Washington DC in 2016 and in Phoenix in 2018.  She has forged relationships with various museum personnel over the years.  Mary believes in fiscal responsibility and values all stakeholders’ input.

“I am passionate about having a fine art museum in the Verde Valley area” Mary says.  “This area has a long tradition of art making.  Many notable artists have lived here and there is a vibrant gallery and art scene.  A museum dedicated to fine art will be an asset for people of all ages.  Besides having a permanent collection, FAMoS plans to have rotating temporary exhibits that will bring the art of the world to the area.”